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Nour Al Quran Academy

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The staff is composed of the best teachers working in their respective disciplines and specialists who are trained to teach the Arabic language to non-native speakers.  They are prepared with both the experience and practice knowledge to teach their specific subject and are graduated from the university of Al-Azhar Alsherif the oldest university in Islamic World.


Policy for Different Students

Nour Al-Quran Academy is established with the aim of teachingQuran and Islamic studies to Muslim men and women. The female students will have a special department apart from men in order to respect their privacy and modesty in accordance with Islamic guidelines. Also, the Center will make available specific programs to teach young children the Arabic language and Quran relative to their level and capability.

What You Will Need to Study

  1. You must have a good internet connection.
  2. You must have Zoom account
  3. A PC with microphone and speaker is recommended than connecting from a mobile.
  4. You will need to have a scheduled program of study.


The Teaching Staff

Nourhan Esmael
10 years experienced
Sister Sarah
Children Department
Sister Ola
Quran Tutor
Quran Hafez with Ijazah
Sh. Mahmoud Abol-Majd
Quran Tutor
Quran Hafez with Ijazah
Sister Samah
Academic Supervisor
Supervisor at Al-Azhar Al-Sherif

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